Embrace Acquires AQ2 Technologies

March 18, 2021 Embrace Acquires AQ2 Technologies

AQ2 Technologies, LLC (“AQ2”) has been acquired by Embrace Software (“Embrace”) through a “purchase of assets” transaction in which substantially all assets have been acquired.

AQ2 is a leading provider of advanced industry-specific transaction automation solutions used by organizations in the financial sector, government entities, universities, and non-profit organizations. Over the last 20+ years, AQ2 has helped over 400 organizations optimize their operations, by transforming paper-based payment processes into streamlined digital workflows by seamlessly integrating imaging, data recognition, and data management technologies.

“Our goal from the beginning was to find a partner/acquirer that had similar values and goals towards their employees and customers. Embrace was a perfect fit to allow our employees to thrive and to provide continued customer excellence,” said Clete Walker, CEO & Shareholder of AQ2 Technologies.

“The AQ2 team and I are excited about this acquisition, as it represents a positive step in the right direction for our company and more importantly will prove beneficial to our clients. Early on, it was clear that Mohan’s philosophy regarding the purchase of AQ2 is in line with our goals. Being a part of Embrace will provide us with resources and expertise that will help to improve our products and services, as well as our internal processes. We understand that creating efficiency is important, as that is what our software does for our clients. That is also what Embrace will do for AQ2 and we welcome it.” said Justin Orr, COO at AQ2 Technologies.

Clete will work closely in an advisory role with Embrace to enable a smooth transition that is important with a change in ownership. Justin will continue to lead operations and take on the role of President at AQ2 Embrace; with a goal to grow the business and develop relevant technology solutions catering to the needs of AQ2’s customers

“The team at AQ2 has built a solution that is loved by everyone who uses it. In my interaction with AQ2’s customers, I was delighted to learn that customers see AQ2 as an extension of their organization; like a family that they can count on. Embrace will build on that foundation by bringing best practices and expert resources that will enable Justin and his team to accelerate their plans.” said Mohan Plakkot, CEO at Embrace.

About AQ2 Technologies.

At AQ2, we provide our clients with software solutions that streamline paper-based payment processes by integrating advanced imaging, recognition, and scanning technologies to increase efficiency. Any organization that accepts checks as a form of payment can benefit from our software solutions that eliminate the manual processing and data entry of payments/donations, automating bank deposits, and the application of custom business rules specific to an organization’s needs.

About Embrace Software Inc.

Embrace acquires and invests in niche software that provides industry-specific solutions. We believe best practices followed by enterprise software are equally relevant for small software businesses. Access to capital and know-how enables our acquired companies to serve their customers better and grow their businesses faster.

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