Embrace Software Inc Acquires Infospeed Limited

Embrace Software (“Embrace”), a Montreal-based company focused on the acquisition and operation of niche software, has acquired Infospeed Limited (“Infospeed”), a provider of enterprise software solutions specialized in the language school industry.

Class (Infospeed’s flagship product), is a cloud-based, comprehensive administration and booking system that manages all the business needs of schools. Since 1989, Class language school software has been the most popular system worldwide, with many of their customers having been with them for decades.

“After a wonderful journey of 30 years, my business partner Graham Hacker and I had reached a point where we began thinking about passing our company on to the right partner. In Embrace we found a partner who not only valued our customers and staff but also brought a vision to enhance our products and grow our company into the future.” said Carol Davies, Co-founder of Infospeed.

“Infospeed has a strong team that takes pride in serving our customers. With Embrace bringing deep knowledge in software operations, the team is now looking forward to enhancing internal operations and accelerating into the next phase of growth.” said Gary Bulgin, Director at Infospeed.

Carol will work closely in an advisory role with Embrace to enable a smooth transition that is important with a change in ownership.

Gary will continue to lead operations at Infospeed, with a goal to rapidly grow the business and develop relevant technology solutions catering to the needs of Infospeed’s customers.

“The team at Infospeed has built a software that is loved by their customers and has stood the test of time. Embrace hopes to build on that legacy by bringing enterprise software best practices that will enable Gary and his team to accelerate their plans. We are very happy to have acquired a leader who has built an excellent reputation over the last 30 years.” said

About Infospeed Limited.

Infospeed provides an administration software system for language schools, training centers, academies, colleges, and companies that support the international education industry. Class, created by Infospeed, is a cloud-based, comprehensive administration and booking system that manages all of your business needs. Class is the most popular software system used by language schools worldwide.

About Embrace Software Inc.

Embrace acquires and invests in niche software that provides industry-specific solutions. We believe best practices followed by enterprise software are equally relevant for small software businesses. Access to capital and know-how enables our acquired companies to serve their customers better and grow their businesses faster.

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