Our Companies

Northwest Analytics

Northwest Analytics is the leading provider of digital transformation and Industry 4.0 manufacturing analytics solutions for manufacturers, delivering process decision guidance for 35% of the Forbes 1000 manufacturers and thousands more worldwide. Northwest Analytics is focused exclusively on enabling better operational visibility and analytics-based decision making for manufacturers through a powerful, easy-to-use suite of solutions that emphasize enterprise-wide integration, scalability, and sustainability. Northwest Analytics is the partner-of-choice when it comes to helping its customers increase operating efficiencies and throughput, while delivering a fast and effective ROI.

Core e-Business Solutions

Core e-Business Solutions provides customers with implementable supply chain solutions. For over 27 years, Core has established and executed supply chain, order and warehouse management software. Core offers Cloud-based WMS solutions which deliver data to the customer in order to reduce the time, money, and attention spent on information technology. Cloud-based software and professional services are two of the many features and programs that separate Core from other software providers in the industry.

Bellwether Software

Bellwether is a procurement, purchasing and accounts payable automation solution that helps businesses reduce spending through process automation. Our tool aligns business objectives with organizational spending. We serve small to midsize businesses that produce and process hundreds to thousands of purchase orders and invoices a month and or that have inventory to manage. We take customer satisfaction to a whole new level by delivering best-in-class purchasing and inventory software.

Guardian Software Systems, Inc.

Guardian Software Systems, Inc. is a renowned developer of ERP and MES software solutions designed specifically for the metal casting and foundry industry. Guardian’s comprehensive suite of software tools enables foundries and metal casting companies to optimize production processes, enhance quality control, and improve overall profitability.


Valogix is a leader in enterprise inventory planning and optimization. They were one of the first Advanced Inventory Planning software solutions offering highly effective optimization algorithms for a more cost-effectively replenishment plan. Their solutions offer automated methods for handling complex replenishment challenges. With over 21 years of experience, the Valogix team understands the business problems and challenges faced by small and mid-size companies in deploying Inventory Planning strategies to in turn meet their customer demand and optimize their business and have used this knowledge to develop and deploy easy and best in breed solutions.

Better Branches

Better Branches Technology is the leader in digitally managing both video and in-branch customer visits to American credit unions to ensure a fulfilling interaction between them and their members.


Radiant has 17 years of experience developing and deploying IoT solutions to help Enterprises be efficient with capital expenses and visibility… We are experts in designing solutions that integrate software, devices, and data analytics to drive efficiencies and improve operations for our customers. At a basic level, almost anyone can collect data. What Radiant does is understand the intricacy of that data and make it useful to an organization. The basis of Radiant’s social distancing and contact tracing solution is our existing Radiant IoT platform trusted by numerous companies to help keep track of their most valuable assets.


EPOWERdoc has been a leading provider of Emergency Department Information Systems, Paper Template Documentation Systems, Micro Hospital Inpatient Software, and Telemedicine Platforms for over 20 years throughout the US and Internationally. EPD software currently services over 3.5 million patient encounters annually.

AQ2 Technologies

Leading provider of advanced industry-specific transaction automation solutions. AQURIT® helps organizations process check payments and donations more efficiently by automatically uploading data into an accounting software and the depositing checks to the bank.

Class Systems

Class is the world’s leading administration software system for language schools. With over 2,200 people in more than 250 schools using Class every day, our reputation is clear for all to see. We are very proud of our client base reaching to all corners of the globe, our stable professional work force, and a track record stretching back 30 years. These strengths have always allowed us to deliver an unmatched solution to international language schools and colleges looking for a reliable management system that covers all aspects of the student life, and everything that the school administration and academic staff need.