Embrace Software Inc. Invests $1 Million to Fuel Guardian’s Accelerated Growth

November 10, 2023

Embrace Software Inc. (“Embrace”), a leading provider of business software solutions, is pleased to announce a strategic investment of $1 million in its subsidiary, Guardian Software Systems LLC. (“Guardian”). This substantial financial commitment aims to propel Guardian into a new phase of growth and innovation with its industry-leading solution.

The investment reflects Embrace’s unwavering confidence in the potential of Guardian and its dedication to fostering innovation and excellence for its customers. The funds will be allocated towards key areas such as research and development, marketing initiatives, talent acquisition, and technology infrastructure, all geared towards accelerating Guardian’s expansion in the market.

Mohan Plakkot, CEO of Embrace, expressed enthusiasm about the investment, stating, “This investment signifies our commitment to supporting our foundry customers that Guardian serves and leading them into a  Digital Industrial era for the future. We are in the early phase of announcing multiple industry leading partnerships for Guardian which aligns with our greater goal of launching Embrace Industrial Group in 2024.”

The infusion of $1 million will provide Guardian with the necessary resources to build on its product excellence and growth momentum and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the market; while adding to Guardian’s native ERP and MES capabilities.

Guardian’s leadership team is equally excited about the potential impact of this investment. Tim Borchardt, President at Guardian, stated, “We appreciate Embrace’s continued support and confidence in our abilities. This investment will enable us to enhance our product offerings, expand our market reach, and drive innovation within the industry, all the while maintaining our commitment to our clients of the highest standard of service and support.


About Embrace Software Inc. 

Embrace acquires and invests in niche software that provides industry-specific solutions. We believe best practices followed by enterprise software are equally relevant for small software businesses. Access to capital and know-how enables our acquired companies to serve their customers better and grow their businesses faster.


About Guardian Software Systems, Inc. 

Guardian Software Systems, LCC. is a renowned developer of ERP and MES software solutions designed specifically for the metal casting and foundry industry. Guardian’s comprehensive suite of software tools enables foundries and metal casting companies to optimize production processes, enhance quality control, and improve overall profitability. With a strong commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Guardian Software Systems has become a trusted partner for businesses in North America.

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