Embrace acquires Northwest Analytics a pioneer in Industrial digital transformation

December 13, 2023

Embrace Software Inc (“Embrace”), a leading acquirer of business software solutions, is delighted to announce the successful acquisition of Northwest Analytics (“NWA”). NWA offers an enterprise suite of solutions aimed at delivering digital transformation and Industry 4.0 analytics in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Food Industries. This milestone represents the sixth acquisition by Embrace Industrial Group, further enhancing our position in providing a comprehensive industrial solution stack to some of the world’s largest manufacturers.

NWA was conceived from the pain points experienced by operators and plant engineers on the factory floor, offering a unique perspective on their challenges that distinguishes them from other stakeholders who are more distant from the operational frontlines. Embrace is eagerly anticipating the launch of the improved NWA Quality Analyst®, which is the result of an extensive multi-year development cycle, to benefit both existing and new NWA customers.

“NWA has successfully solved a distinctive challenge for its customers, and their satisfaction couldn’t have been better reflected than through the glowing reviews we received during our conversations. Some of the world’s largest chemical and pharmaceutical companies are saving millions of dollars annually by utilizing NWA’s product, underscoring its strategic importance within their operations. I am thrilled to continue building upon the solid foundation laid by NWA as we delve into accelerating research and development in areas of utmost importance to our customers, including the potential of machine learning and generative AI applications into the NWA Analytics Knowledge Suite™,” said Mohan Plakkot, CEO of Embrace Software Inc.

“Northwest Analytics has always been recognized for its ability to deliver software that uniquely enables manufacturers to compete in their markets more effectively by addressing potential process issues before product quality is impacted. We are pleased to become a part of Embrace as it allows us to accelerate the delivery of additional product innovations for our current and future customers,” said Peter Guilfoyle, CEO of Northwest Analytics.

“The combination of our analytics-based manufacturing knowledge solutions and Embrace’s expanding industrial software solutions and operational expertise leaves us positioned to better address some of the industry’s most daunting challenges related to operational excellence, retaining institutional process knowledge, and exceeding customer needs and requirements.”

The acquisition brings significant resources, knowledge and expertise encompassing best of breed practices. As a result, NWA’s customers can expect even more robust and innovative manufacturing solutions from NWA and the extended Embrace Industrial group of companies.

About Northwest Analytics.

Northwest Analytics is the leading provider of digital transformation and Industry 4.0 manufacturing analytics solutions for manufacturers, delivering process decision guidance for 35% of the Forbes 1000 manufacturers and thousands more worldwide. Northwest Analytics is focused exclusively on enabling better operational visibility and analytics-based decision making for manufacturers through a powerful, easy-to-use suite of solutions that emphasize enterprise-wide integration, scalability, and sustainability. Northwest Analytics is the partner-of-choice when it comes to helping its customers increase operating efficiencies and throughput, while delivering a fast and effective ROI.

About Embrace Software Inc.

Embrace acquires and invests in niche software that provides industry-specific solutions. We believe best practices followed by enterprise software are equally relevant for small software businesses. Access to capital and know-how enables our acquired companies to serve their customers better and grow their businesses faster.

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