Embrace Acquires Better Branches – a Leading Software Provider for Credit Unions

May 1, 2022

Embrace Software (“Embrace”) is delighted to announce the acquisition of Better Branches Technology (“Better Branches”) a leader in branch visitor and appointment management solutions designed and built for American Credit Unions. We welcome the Better Branches team members to Team Embrace.

Better Branches has built cutting-edge technology solutions for America’s Credit Union for over 19 years, iterating through technology cycles to ensure their customers have the best technology solution. Today the company has 6 products; all of which are aimed at improving credit union engagement with customers, day-to-day operations, customer satisfaction, and as a result facilitating growth and retention of their member base.

“From a simple visitor check-in application in 2003, Better Lobby has grown to include extensive Reporting, Appointments (with links to digital banking apps), Remote “Join the Waitlist” functionality, Kiosk check-in, and Video meeting capabilities. Every enhancement has been built to support credit unions. Better Branches’ clients and dedicated staff have made our success possible. I think that the next phase will be even more exciting!” said Rick Poulton, President, and Founder of Better Branches.

“From being exceptionally organized in operations, to their rigor in product development and consultative approach to customer engagement; I have been extremely impressed with Better Branches. We aim to invest aggressively and build on this strong foundation that will further grow the trust our Credit Union customers have placed in our company” said Mohan Plakkot, CEO of Embrace.

Rick will continue to guide the company through 2022; transitioning his leadership responsibility to Justin Orr who currently heads AQ2 Embrace (an Embrace portfolio company). Justin brings 20 years of Credit Union experience. He started at technical sales and then moved to technology, finally wearing the CIO hat of a large Credit Union before moving to AQ2 Embrace in 2016 as company President.

About Better Branches

Better Branches Technology is the leader in digitally managing both video and in-branch customer visits to American credit unions to ensure a fulfilling interaction between them and their members.

About Embrace Software Inc.

Embrace acquires and invests in niche software that provides industry-specific solutions. We believe best practices followed by enterprise software are equally relevant for small software businesses. Access to capital and know-how enables our acquired companies to serve their customers better and grow their businesses faster.

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